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Red (2011)

for guitar quartet, 16’

  • Each movement of Red evokes a different but interrelated perspectives on life and death. Try not to die is the most complex and varied movement and abstractly depicts the myriad qualities of a common life. At the core of our existence, beyond daily events (work, having sex, reading books, wine, traffic, advertisements, success, failure, the internet, backflips…) we manage to live in spite of certain death. 

    The second movement is dedicated to the birth of my niece, Juliana Williams. It explores the innocence of a newborn, the imposing task set before each parent, and the simultaneous bewildering and joyful uncertainty of a birthday.  

    The final movement is life from the perspective  of biology. At the smallest level, cells continue to make cells without regard for our hopes, dreams or desires. Fortunately, life continues at a cellular level long after our triumphs and failures in a raucous and swirling torrent of cellular growth.

    Available on the recording Red by the Texas Guitar Quartet 

  • 6/9/2011 Victoria, TX – Victoria Bach Festival
    Texas Guitar Quartet

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